Emerson360: Community Climate Survey Update by Rebecca Rozenberg


In November 2014, the Emerson College Office of Diversity and Inclusion conducted the Emerson360: Community Climate Survey. The survey was administered in two parts, to students regarding general climate and perceptions as well as education, training, and support related to power-based interpersonal violence;and to faculty and staff seeking feedback regarding the College’s work environment. Both surveys also incorporated custom statements focused on gauging community perceptions of diversity and inclusion. Climate surveys like the one Emerson administered are considered an essential step for Colleges and Universities in developing comprehensive prevention and education programs related to power-based violence, as well as assessing the level of employee satisfaction


Almost 2 years after the survey was administered, we are taking a look at how the Emerson College administration has reacted to the results and what actions steps they have taken. Last summer and fall, academic and administrative departments submitted goals in response to results for their specific department addressing ways they could “move the needle.” Departments will submit an update on these goals and their progress to the Office of Diversity & Inclusion this summer.


The Campus Climate Committee, currently comprised of staff (faculty and students have previously been on the committee), was charged with assessing and discussing climate at Emerson College and the results of Emerson360. In the fall of 2015, the Committee submitted initial recommendations to the President’s Council and will be following up with prioritized recommendations in May. The Climate Committee’s recommendations were grouped into four categories: internal satisfaction, human and departmental resources, communication and collaboration, and space and facilities. The President’s Council, the Council for Inclusive Excellence, and the Campus Climate Committee will oversee College-wide action plans and steps towards change resulting from the November 2014 Emerson360: Community Climate Survey.


A subcommittee of the Campus Climate Committee, the Student Survey Committee, met twice a month during the Fall 2015 semester to analyze the quantitative and qualitative results of the student survey. Melanie Matson, Director of Violence Prevention & Response, and Pam White, Associate Vice President and Title IX & Clery Act Coordinator, chaired the committee that submitted recommendations in the following dimensions: climate and perceptions, knowledge of policies and resources, education and training, fair treatment, and incidence and prevalence. The Student Survey Committee plans to conduct several focus groups with students next fall with the goal of enhancing interpersonal-based violence resources, and ensuring that people from diverse backgrounds are valued and that the administration takes into account the thoughts and opinions of students.


For more information on the Emerson360: Community Climate Survey please visit emerson.edu/diversity/emerson360-community-climate-survey. Faculty and staff survey results are available at emerson.edu/diversity/emerson360-community-climate-survey/faculty-staff-survey-results. And student survey results are available at emerson.edu/diversity/emerson360-community-climate-survey/student-survey-results.

Rebecca Rozenberg