Transgender Awareness Month by Lauren Lopez

November is Transgender Awareness Month, a celebration that seeks to bring increased awareness to the transgender community and the challenges transgender people face.Transgender Awareness Month allows the community to bring more attention to these conversations and to educate those around them about the experiences transgender people face on a daily basis and have faced throughout history.

The month of awareness comes to its peak on November 20 which is recognized as Transgender Day of Remembrance. The day was founded in 1999 to memorialize Rita Hester, a transwoman who was murdered in Allston, Massachusetts on November 28, 1998. A year later, Gwendolyn Ann Smith founded the Transgender Day of Remembrance in a continued response to the anger and grief felt by the transgender community after Hester’s death. Since then, Transgender Day of Remembrance has served to memorialize all members of the transgender community who have been murdered as a result of transphobia, as well as to bring attention to the continued violence that the community faces.

Various Emerson and Massachusetts organizations have curated events to raise awareness and celebrate the accomplishments of the community.

Emerson’s EAGLE will be hosting a Transgender Awareness week from November 7-10. Please see below for more information about the events.

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition also has a calendar of November events held throughout the state of Massachusetts.


Lauren Lopez is a Writing, Literature and Publishing Major graduating in May 2018 and is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Luminary.

Lauren Lopez