Elma Taught Us

What Elma Lewis Left Us by Zoë Gadegbeku

A quick online search for Elma Lewis’ name will reveal an archive of photographs of Elma Lewis caught with various impassioned expressions on her face. In one memorable frame, she is mid-laugh with the legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington leaning over her shoulder, her signature bun pulled to the top of her head. Elma Lewis
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Breaking Down the House by Zoe Gadegbeku

The night Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual album burst into my life, I scribbled page upon page of notes when I should have been putting myself to bed. I wrote down quotes from Warsan Shire’s poetry that served as the narration for the entire film, the familiar verses from her poetry collection and the new lines I
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In Plain Sight: Reclaiming the Work of Hidden Figures by Judy Pryor-Ramirez

As February’s Black History Month comes to a close and we gear up for Women’s Herstory Month in March, I am struck by this particular juncture. This annual moment on our academic calendars illustrates my life — moving through the world at the intersection of race and gender. Because of this juncture, it is no
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