Humans of Emerson

Stories and photos of Emerson students, faculty, and staff that celebrate our collective humanity through diversity of background, thought, and perspective.


Humans of Emerson: Jenny Yap

Lately, I have been listening to stories on NPR about how people have opened their homes and communities to refugees from Syria and the Middle East. I am so touched by the kindness and generosity that is out there. Reflecting on my family’s experience as Chinese-Vietnamese refugees, I want to share my story as a
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Humans of Emerson: Mark Yirrell

Q: It sounds like you were always an artist at heart, would you agree? Mark: I think I was an artist in denial. I don’t know if “artist at heart” would fit. I think that’s too generous of a term for me. I played instruments as a kid, piano and viola. I got into chorus
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Humans of Emerson: Alexandra Drouhet Henderson

Q: What led you to want to want to become an actress? Alexandra: When I was little I had a lot of confidence issues and I was very quiet, if that’s hard to believe. I started taking piano lessons and one day I sang for my teacher, got into opera, and began taking lessons every
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Humans of Emerson: Barry Marshall

Q: What are your music origins? Barry: Well, I actually started as a singer and I got into a really good band when I was sixteen, probably the best band across five towns. We got a lot of performances and paid gigs, and in those days I’d make $50 a night from singing. This was in
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